Most notably, we have a new name and contact information.  I thought this would be easier to remember, easier to type, and that it more accurately described the location.  If you try to go to the Omaha Piano Coach website it will direct you to the new Millard Piano site.  Omaha Piano Coach email will continue to work as well as the new email address listed below.  The website has a completely different look now, too!  

Millard Piano Studio

402-515-8835 (unchanged)


Welcome to the first monthly newsletter for Millard Piano Studio!  Each month you will receive an email with a newsletter containing practice and coaching tips, links for interesting articles about music, an update on upcoming events and, best of all, your child will have the opportunity to be featured at Student of the Month!


  • New!  Be Student of the Month!  Each month a different student will be featured in the newsletter!  Students will get to share fun facts about themselves, be pictured, and maybe even share their favorite song with a video!
  • New Performance Opportunities!
    • Sept:  Coffee Shop
    • Dec:  Christmas Party
    • April/May:  Recital
    • July:  Accompaniment/Band Experience
  • New Interactive Practice App!  Students will begin using the Better Practice App as a practice management tool.  This online, interactive app can be accessed using a phone, tablet, laptop or pc.  No more marking a paper playlist--this app features an intelligent playlist that tells students what to practice each day!  The app will make sure students get through all their playlist pieces regularly .  Students are able to rate their performance on pieces and see notes about each assignment.  You can even email your teacher right from the app if you have any questions about the song.  As each student practices, their name appears on the list of students who practiced that day.  You can "win" by being the first to practice, to practice the most songs, or to practice the longest!  Fun competition to make practicing more enticing!
  • New Practice Challenges!  We will launch the use of Better Practice App with a 30 Day Challenge.  More details to come!



  • New!  Easier way to make monthly tuition payments with AutoPay. I know you don't write checks for any of your other bills and now you won't have to for piano, either! 
  • New!  Credit cards can now be swiped at lessons to pay for materials.
  • New, better Referral Bonuses I would really love to find a few more students and I’m willing to PAY YOU for them! I have a postcard for you to give out with information for getting in touch with me and with an incentive for new students to sign up!  In addition to the $50 referral bonus that you would receive, I’m throwing in a $20 gift card to your choice of the following Deitze Music, Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble or your favorite restaurant!
  • New!  For Parents--the Better Practice App will help your student be more motivated to practice, will tell him or her EXACTLY what needs to be practiced so you will get better results for your tuition money!


Beginning in January, 2016, tuition will increase to $88/mo.   The extra tuition will help to offset the cost of the Better Practice App. 

Millard Piano Studio | 15140 Redwood ST | Omaha NE 68138 | 402-515-8835