(from actual students with Omaha Piano Coach)
Briefly describe your experience of the lessons so far:

"It is a whole new way to learn to play the piano.  It works great with my learning style and more rewarding than old style lessons." Amy, Adult Student.

"I am surprised at how many songs I know.  We learn new songs, play the ones we practice, and play games."  Ava, Age 8

"Lessons are amazing.  I love the program.  My son's confidence is so high and he is so excited to learn.  He loves to practice and is very willing to share [his music] with others."   Parent of Cade, 8 years old.

"I have learned some new things like composition and accompaniment."  Emma, Age 9.

"We have really liked this play based approach to piano.  Our daughter saw success the first week she started lessons.  Her love of music and confidence have grown throughout the lessons."  Parent of Callie, 8 years old.

"Lessons are well planned and positive.  I always leave with plenty to work on and with a feeling my work the previous week is progressive". Stephanie, Adult Student.


What I most like about Simply Music is . . .

"Love the method of teaching and the long playlist - makes the student successful early and keeps the interest"  Parent of 8 year old. 

"Cade loves all the new songs he gets to learn each week."  Parent of Cade, age 8.

..."That I am playing so many accomplished and recognizable songs in a short amount of time."  Stephanie, Adult Student

What things do you like most about your teacher?

"She is energetic and motivating!  Angela demonstrates patience and the ability to provide individual instruction even within the group setting.  She has great skill with instilling the love of music to the kids and most importantly to have fun!"  Parent of Callie, 7 years old.

"She makes it fun while I learn to play.  She does not expect me to play perfectly."  Emma, Age 9.

"Angela is amazing - very knowledgeable and teaches to the child's learning style/speed.  Cade loves her as his coach and enjoys the piano very much"  Parent of Cade, Age 8.

"Angela is patient and clear.  She tailors each lesson to my abilities and progress".  Stephanie, Adult Student.

"Fun, Patient, Experienced.  Excited about the program and excited to teach the kids." Parent of 8 year old.

"She is positive, patient, and always encouraging me!"  Amy, Adult student.

"She is patient and has a lot of fun activities and games" Ava, Age 8

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