About Simply Music . . .

Our overriding goal is to create a culture where people of all ages, easily and readily acquire and maintain music as a lifelong companion.

How is Simply Music Different?

  • Quality of Music (great sounding music!)
  • Quantity of Music (8-10 songs in your first 8-10 weeks)
  • Speed which music is learned
  • Ease at which music is learned

Our Goals for you as a student:
  • Having the ability to play a huge repertoire covering classical, popular, blues, jazz and accompaniments
  • Experiencing playing as natural self-expression
  • Having a highly positive, self-affirming experience with music learning
  • Developing the ability to self-generate.  i.e. the ability to progress independently.  This includes developing a strong foundation in music reading and theory

If you want to learn more about Simply Music and  Omaha Piano Coach, email us, call us or register to attend a free introductory session.  This session will discuss the Simply Music method, how the program differs from traditional piano lessons, and the results you can expect.  You will have an opportunity to enroll, if desired, but there is no obligation to do so.  Just come and learn what we're all about!  Click here to reserve your spot in the free introductory session.
Young Girl Playing Piano
Woman Playing Piano
Man playing piano