Imagine winding down after work with a few ballads on the piano . . .

Imagine your child ripping through a bunch of blues songs for his friends . . .

Imagine leading sing-alongs with your family . . .

Imagine escaping into an improvisation, or exploring creating your own compositions
. . .

Why do so few of us play?

  • Music lessons don't always deliver successful results.

  •  Music Lessons don't always turn out happily self-expressed musicians.

It's about time we found a way to reintroduce ourselves to the magic of music:

Having piano lessons with a Simply Music Piano teacher means experiencing the pleasure that comes from immediately playing a vast repertoire of great-sounding music!

How is Simply Music Different?

  • Quality of Music (great sounding music!)
  • Quantity of Music (8-10 songs in your first 8-10 weeks)
  • Speed which music is learned
  • Ease at which music is learned

What I most like about Simply Music is . . .

"Love the method of teaching and the long playlist - makes the student successful early and keeps the interest"  Parent of 8 year old. 

"Cade loves all the new songs he gets to learn each week."  Parent of Cade, age 8.

..."That I am playing so many accomplished and recognizable songs in a short amount of time."  Stephanie, Adult Student

"Learning lots of songs; having fun at lessons."  Emma, Age 9

"Ability to play songs quickly without being required to read music"  Parent of Coleton, Age 7

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