At the early age of 4 or 6, students are given musical sounds, motifs, styles, shapes and dynamics, laying down a comprehensive, improvisational foundation that equips them with the sounds of their new musical language.

Musicopolis Butterfly

The ancient Greek word for butterfly is "soul."  Play-A-Story teaches students right from the very beginning of their journey to play from the heart . . . to put their soul into their music, not just head knowledge, or finger technique alone.

Throughout the course of three books (lasting 12-18 months) we explore at least 40 Key Theoretical Concepts.  Musical theory is integrated in such a way as to be invisible, under the radar.  Through play we are able to develop technique, dexterity, and the understanding of music theory

Students are taught to play piano through the natural world of story.  They are encouraged to use their own imagination, their own perspective.  It is their own window that they play from and it will be their very own music.